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3 expert motorcycle dating advice on the first date

Congratulations! Not every single Harley riders can successfully turn the Harley motorcycle matches into real biker dates, and you are one of the 67% registered Harley motorcycle riders who have earned a much bigger chance of finding a potential Harley motorcycle enthusiast. But when it comes to the first date with your male Harley rider or female Harley rider, there are already way too many worst case scenarios prepared in your mind and even more confusions on how to ignite the first date with your Harley men or Harley women and leave him/her wanting more. Follow the 3 expert motorcycle dating rules on Harley dating site to optimize the quality of the very first date.

1.Don’t just ask any questions.
Asking questions is an excellent way of getting to know your Harley motorcycle lover but only ask GOOD questions. On one hand when raising a question mark, the purpose is not just to satisfy your own curiosity, but also show that you are being genuine and thoughtful. On the other hand, put your questions in a fun way which might possibly make him/her giggle and light up his/her face. Questions such as “How long have you been on the Harley motorcycle dating site?”, “What jobs have you done in the past?” and “How do you like your current job” will get you no where but reminds your Harley motorcycle enthusiast of a job interview and leave your Harley male or Harley female a tiring impression of the first biker date.

2.Don’t fall into the conversational trap.
There are more than one mistake that you can make to get yourself end up being trapped in a conversational trap, however, the most common one is by asking a dead-end question, which also means one-word question. In opposite, asking large questions allows you to lead the conversation to broader topics. According to a recently conducted survey, there are a few main facts determine a successful date with your single Harley rider, maintaining a conversation bounces back and forth which covers a wide range variety of interesting topics concerning Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle is one of them.

3.So both of you have fallen into an awkward silence, here is what you do
You have almost talked about everything with your Harley rider and suddenly got caught up while trying to come up with another conversational starter. And now both of you are just looking at each other quietly and feeling a little bit awkward. And here is a perfect way to replace the awkwardness with some intense romantic vibes by pay your Harley motorcycle date a sincere compliment. Now it’s your turn to say “I have been wanting to tell you that…you look so beautiful tonight” or “This suit really suits you, I love it.” will definitely get your special Harley partner caught off guard and lead the romance to a brand new level.

Why date the biker man next door

In recent years, more and more women want to date a man who is tall, strong and handsome. So if you are one of them, then have you thought of dating with a motorcycle man? Here are 8 reasons that explain why women should date a biker man next door. If you are interested in dating a biker man, following this article, you will know more about motorcycle men.

1. Motorcycle men love wearing jeans and leathers. Jeans and leathers not only good at keeping bikers warm, but also can make biker men more charming. And when falling down from the motorcycle, jeans and leathers can protect biker men away from hurt.

2. Biker men believe in liberty. If you date a man who rides motorcycle, he will ride his motorcycle carrying you to feel freedom at the high speed. To be honest, biker guys are like the eagles flying in the sky while riding on the open road.

3. Motorcycle guys are veteran tourism adventurers. If you have a serious relationship with a motorcycle guy, you will have a chance to go wild on his motorcycle. In other words, you will have some special travel experiences you never had before. For instance, your Harley men will take you to ride for a long distance on his motorcycle and camp in the wild at night.

4. Biker men are romantic. If you want to meet and date with a romantic man, biker men should be the first choice to you. Because they have many wicked ideas that can bring you a great of surprises, such as riding you to watch the sunrise and sunset on the beach or at the top of mountain, or taking you to a motorcycle traveling without any preparations, or taking you to a motorcycle camping in the wild, and so on.

5. Motorcycle dudes are determined, focused and single-minded. You are so lucky that date with a motorcycle dude. If you establish connections with a man who rides a motorcycle, your friends will be envious of you.

6. Biker boys are handsome and strong. If you get in touch with a biker boy and have a special relationship with him, you should be proud. Since they will protect you far away from dangers. For example, they don’t allow others to bully you.

7. Motorcycle men are good at sports. Motorcycle riding is a kind of sport, which requires high fitness. So the men who ride a motorcycle do excel at sports. In addition, they also love photography, and they can take many beautiful photos for you.

8. Biker men always care about their families. All biker men have a soft heart. And to them, the motorcycle is always less important than the family in their mind. Hooking up with a man with a motorcycle is very wise for a woman.